Meet the Board:

Michael Wood

PFA Secretary


Michael Wood


Forester (now retired).

Why do you love Prison Fellowship:

Nothing lifts my spirits more than the opportunity to share God’s love with others in prison. This is inexplicable to most people, but God has placed in my heart a love for those in prison. I felt this from the very first time that I went inside, to debate against the Spartans Debating Club here at Risdon Prison (TAS) almost 25 years ago. I feel it still, as strongly as ever!

How many years have you been on the Prison Fellowship board:

Just over fourteen years. I attended my first “face to face” PFA Board meeting as the Tasmanian representative in November 2002. I was the National Secretary from late 2004 and have been the Chairman since late 2012.

How have you seen God change someone’s life through Prison Fellowship:

I have seen fear and anger subside, peace settle and hope rise. I have been privileged to visit prisons elsewhere in the world – in Costa Rica, Cambodia, Malawi and Singapore – as well as in Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. It is the same everywhere – those that are in prison are amazed to see that others would care to visit them and to talk with them. Very few can turn away from such kindness, and most enjoy an experience of God’s love at work in their lives.

I also rejoice at the changes that God has brought about in my own life through Prison Fellowship … he has made me more humble (much more humble), has greatly increased my capacity to give to others and has given me confidence to lead and to encourage.

What would you say to someone thinking about supporting or volunteering with Prison Fellowship:

Pray about it – this work is not for everyone and can be as frustrating as it can be rewarding. I would never have thought it was for me, either, but God opened a few unexpected doors at the right time in my life. I followed his lead, and have never regretted it. Your lead might be to serve “inside” or “outside”, or to support Prison Fellowship by contributing to its financial needs, by praying for the ministry and those it serves or by helping with the administration and management of the organisation.

Your motivation MUST come from God’s Holy Spirit at work in you. If that’s where you’re at, having earnestly prayed about it, then contact Prison Fellowship through the office in your State. There are many different ways that you could be involved, and we will be happy to discuss the part that you can play in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with those in prison!