Meet the Board:

David Maxwell

PFA Finance Officer
WA State Chair


David Maxwell


Managing Director for United Forklift & Access Solutions

Why do you love Prison Fellowship? 

I love Prison Fellowship because it enables people like me to extend God’s love and grace to those in prison, reminding them of Romans 8:38-39, that absolutely nothing can separate us from God’s love. It also enables us to support people affected by crime including families and victims of crime. God is good…All the time!

How many years have you been on the Prison Fellowship Board?

I have been on the Prison Fellowship Board for 2 years and the Prison Fellowship State Council in WA for 4 years.  My wife Sandi and I have been involved with Prison Fellowship for approximately 25 years.  We were team leaders for Wooroloo Prison for 18 years.  We had a great team of people and ran a weekly discussion group and a concert with various guest bands once a quarter.

How have you seen God change someone’s life through Prison Fellowship?

One of the biggest ways we see God is in a changed life.  Over the years we have witnessed many men whose lives have been changed as they have developed a relationship with Jesus Christ through the Prison Fellowship meetings in the prisons.  Some of these changes were big changes and many were small changes that resulted in people’s lives heading in a better direction.  One of these small changes was after one of the concerts, where one man said “I was going to do a runner tonight but then I heard about the concert and came along to listen.  I am so glad I came because I realised the mistake I would have otherwise made.  I now have peace and hope – thank you for coming to share.”
What would you say to someone thinking about supporting or volunteering with Prison Fellowship?

There are many ways to be involved in Prison Fellowship.  Over the years Sandi and I have been rewarded over and over again from our involvement with Prison Fellowship.  We have certainly found it to be one of those ministries where you receive more than you give.  God doesn’t rely on your ability, simply your availability – give it a go.