Thursday 05 January 2017

Dear: Prison Fellowship Australia


I sincerely thank you for your organisation; for your love and compassionate programs. I thank you for sending guardian angels to come and visit us every week. At times of darkness, loneliness and despair, it’s great to know that there is an organisation that understands and cares. Thank you for providing my children with presents this Christmas through your Angel Tree programs.

I have been attending your Prison Fellowship program every Saturday. The volunteers who you send along are very great, loving, and compassionate people. Their voices when they sing praise to the Lord ring through to me like the sound from heavens above. Every word touches my heart and warms my soul.

Saturday has become my to-look-forward-to day of the week. I can feel down and weary for other times in the week but as Saturday comes around and I get to attend Prison Fellowship it feels like my spirit and soul get revitalised. I haven’t been able to attend church on Sundays as I was told there is just not enough room in the chapel. Again I would like to thank you for your love and compassionate programs and it really makes a difference to people the world and society has locked away and forgotten about. Everyone has forgotten that we are innocent until proven guilty.

Sincerely thanking the volunteers of Prison Fellowship.