Changing Lives on the Inside

Changing Lives on the Inside

I met Ashley six months ago. She was a frightened young girl who found herself with a new title: “Prisoner”.  Like many girls at the in-prison church service, Ashley acknowledged that she needed the Lord, and invited Jesus into her heart. Her hunger for the Word of God was evident.

Friday would come, and she’d be waiting at the fence for me. Questions, so many questions, about Jesus, faith, the Holy Spirit, or just an explanation of a verse of Scripture she’d been pondering.

When she read that she was to be a light, Ashley began to glow.  She’s not afraid to share her new found faith, and she does! Not only by word of mouth but by her very life. Her catch-cry echoes heavily: “I may be inside, but I’m no longer a prisoner. I’ve been set free!”

Ashley has a plan for when she is released to open a home for girls in need.

“That’s a big vision to have,” I said.

She replied, “I serve a big God.”