Meet the Board:

David Cormack

QLD State Chair

David Cormack, State Chair QLD

Name: David Cormack

Occupation: Barrister

Why do you love Prison Fellowship?

I love Prison Fellowship because of its focus on broken people, including myself, to have hope, a way forward, and reconciliation with God and our fellow human beings. Prison Fellowship to my mind, uniquely utilises people of the same faith across varied denominations to minister to those affected by crime, including children, friends, families, crime survivors and offenders. Prison Fellowship walks where few go, and lifts up the broken-hearted, offering peace and healing. Through all this, I see justice at work, flowing like a river. I see natural enemies finding commonality, and for some there is restoration; in others, hearts are healed, and overall communities are made safer.

How many years have you been on the Prison Fellowship board?

I have been the Chairperson of Prison Fellowship in Queensland since 2011, filling in on the Board since 2013, and a Director since 2015.

How have you seen God change someone’s life through Prison Fellowship?

The lives changed are all about the mosaic of relationships that are involved. A released prisoner who attended my church recently spoke of how she has not returned to prison because of the work of a Prison Fellowship chaplain who visited her in prison. The ongoing healing of crime survivors who have the courage to participate in the Sycamore Tree Project. The mother who broke down in tears when we delivered an Angel Tree gift last year. Not least of all, I see how God has knocked off a lot of offending edges in my character as my journey with Prison Fellowship continues and its ministry to those affected by crime.

What would you say to someone thinking about supporting or volunteering with Prison Fellowship?

Forget what you may think the ministry is about or how God will use you, because the journey will be far more and take you in a direction not in your contemplation. Your fears will be overcome, and your faith extended.