First Meetings and Flip-Flops

Prison Fellowship has officially launched in Darwin Correctional Centre! We are thankful to God, and to you, our supporters, for the resources and open doors to begin this ministry.

Nadia, a Prison Fellowship chaplain, is assisting the Anglicare chaplain in Darwin Correctional Centre with a team of volunteers providing additional church services. Church services are on Saturday mornings in the Centre and we are able to perform multiple services during the course of the morning.

Kathy Malakou is a volunteer who played a vital role in securing the ministry in Darwin. When asked why she wants to be involved, she stated, “I cannot wait to take the Good News into the prison because I would like to give prisoners hope that their lives can change. It will change the lives of their families too. These prisoners can bring revolutionary change to the whole of Darwin and across the Northern Territory”. 

In addition to the development of the ministry in Darwin, Alice Springs continues to run bus services from the CBD to the prison each weekend. 1074 adults and 672 children have benefited from this ministry over the past 12 months – outstanding work by a small but dedicated team of volunteers. Our team don’t just transport family and friends to the prison, they also take care of visitors’ needs as they await entry, organising paperwork, and making sure people are ready to go in. Some of the children Flip-Flopsdon’t have shoes so our team have a steady supply of thongs/flip-flops so that the children can return home with something on their feet!

Prison Fellowship staff and volunteers are incredibly grateful for the prayers and financial support that have been sown into this ministry and look forward to the amazing stories and testimonies to be shared in the years to come.