Camp for Kids

I Wasn’t Alone

Meet Elli:

Prison Fellowship has been a part of my life since I was a little girl. Having a loved one in prison at a young age (or any age) can impact one’s life immensely. I participated in Camp Werx now known as Camp for Kids and was also an Angel Tree recipient.

Being able to escape from reality for a weekend and be able to communicate with others going through the same situation as me, made me feel as though I wasn’t alone. Whilst I had my sister by my side, I made friendships, pushed my comfort zone on the giant swing and met camp leaders that showed me life can be positive – you just need to believe in it and believe in God’s will.

Receiving a gift at Christmas from my Dad meant the world to me and meant a lot to my mum as well. Knowing that there were people out there willing to support our family in times of need made us realise that things would be okay.

I hope to become a Prison Fellowship volunteer so I can be the light in a young person’s life, just as many have been for me. I know how much a gift can mean at Christmas or how a camp can change a life and because of this I know I will see many more smiles because of Prison Fellowship’s generosity and love in the future.

Elli 2017

I wasn't alone

Elli 2009