Tyson’s TPJ Turnaround

Tyson* was an inmate at The Prisoner’s Journey (TPJ) course at a correctional facility in Western Australia. During the second session of the course, Tyson shared that he was really worried about his family (partner and young children) being stuck at an airport terminal in another city with no money and nowhere to go. Being in prison, he felt powerless, unable to help in any way.

The video story in the TPJ session that week was about David White who was a drug addict serving time in prison. David shares about his relationship with his young daughter. He says that he doesn’t want his daughter to grow up visiting her dad in prison all the time, but he wants to be a good father to her.

This story impacted Tyson deeply, and he broke down during our discussion, reflecting on his own situation, still extremely worried about his young family stuck at an airport.

As we finished the session and all the other inmates were walking out, I asked Tyson if he was okay. He said “no,” wiping away tears. I asked if he would like us to pray for his situation once we were outside. He said, “Yes please, I really would like that.” Knowing we only had a moment before we all had to be out of the room, I then asked if he would like us to pray for him right now very quickly. Tyson said he would really appreciate it. We quickly prayed for his family to be safe and that God would send the solution to them. He then left, still distressed.

The next day, during session number three, Tyson had the biggest smile on his face! He told us: “I went to my kitchen roster yesterday afternoon and started talking with another inmate there who gave me a number to a charity organisation in that city who may be able to help my family.

“I was able to give the number to my partner later that day and she made the call to this organisation. They not only put my family up in a hotel for the night but also paid for their tickets to fly back home! They are all home safe now.”

The smile on his face was contagious! Everyone in the room was convinced that this was the work of God and no coincidence. One of the guys shared that this story was the most profound part of the whole session for him.

-Maria, Prison Fellowship volunteer

*Name has been changed.