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“The prisoners opened up my heart again” Lisa* never thought her patients in prison would be the ones to bring her back to Christ.

  Most of the stories we share are about Prison Fellowship volunteers sharing the gospel with inmates and the transformation they experience whilst in prison.  But what happens when the inmates become the disciplers?    Lisa* has been working in prisons for 4 years as a Transition Coach and Mental Health Officer. But her life […]

The Pathway to Hope

  My name is Nathaniel*, and last year I had the privilege of participating in the Sycamore Tree project. When I began this course, it felt like I was destined to live a life of shame and guilt because of my crimes. I carried an oversized and overfilled backpack of deep regret, sadness, and despair. […]

The Margins: Traversing the lines that divide

The margins of society. It’s a term often used to identify the space in which prisoners find themselves. Separated, divided, apart from others. Usually the margins are not crossed over, and when they are traversed it is only in isolated circumstances. I’ve been working with Prison Fellowship and entering prisons for 5 years. Prison ministry […]

Transforming Lives Every Day

When I first heard that children with a parent in prison are 6 times more likely to end up in prison than their peers, it broke my heart. Innocent children whose lives are turned upside down at such a young age.  Little did I know that God was preparing me for a role at Prison […]

“I was on my way to jail, but Camp changed that.” How Camp for Kids changed the trajectory of Holly’s life.

“Prison Fellowship actually changed the trajectory of my life. They showed me what normal looked like. I’ve had a lot of social work interaction, counsellors, and psychologists as a young person, and none of them was as effective as the volunteers from Prison Fellowship.”  For many children of prisoners, having a safe space to be […]