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Essential Provision

The suburban streets of Adelaide are deserted and cold, and the shrivelled brown leaves blowing around April’s* feet are not recognisable as those which just a few weeks ago had set the trees on fire with their vibrant oranges and reds. She trudges along, backpack weighing her down as she executes the lockdown routine she […]

Our House was Raided by the AFP

I woke up one morning to find a policeman at the end of our bed, armed and holding a baton. The next 24 hours was a blur as they questioned our then 22-year-old son, David*, about a girl he was seeing. Turns out she was 14.  We were a typical suburban family raising two kids […]

Week of Prayer

Our annual Week of Prayer is happening from 12-19 September 2021! Save the date, and join us as together with others around Australia, pray for prisoners, victims of crime, ex-prisoners, and their families. If you’re part of a church that is keen to get involved, you can contact your local state office to organise a speaker […]