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Sport Lights A Message

Simon* is in prison. He has been in prison for a while! He describes his lifestyle before he went ‘inside’ as “a life of drugs, violence and crime.”  He freely admits that he has not always been a ‘good guy’, even in prison. There were times when he was plain nasty, standing over people and […]

Mind the Gap

The Gap between prison and the “real world” beyond the gates can be very daunting for inmates nearing release. Many are more fearful of The Gap than they are of life inside prison. The Gap is a dark, blank space between a past that they never want to go back to and a future that […]

Week of Prayer

September 8 to 15 is Prison Fellowship’s annual Week of Prayer. Please put this week in your calendar and use these prayer points as part of your daily devotional. There are still some availabilities in every state for guest speakers – contact your local State office to organise a speaker for your church or connect […]

I Was Involved In a Colombian Drug Cartel

“I was chained, my hands to my feet. My value was minus 300. When you get to that point you don’t feel like you are worth anything.” Monty’s arrest was a painful wakeup call. “There was no Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. Maybe this was Plan K?! I realised I let everybody down, but […]

Go For Gold

“How many camps have you been to?” “Well I’ve been going since I was 8 years old and I’m 17 now, so it’s been quite a while…” Couper says he didn’t expect much when he first started going to camp, but it had a lasting impact in his life.  I asked him the best thing […]

Last Time In Prison

Frank* says God brought him back to prison. After meeting God in one of his earlier stints behind bars, Frank showed all the signs of a changed man. But the pressures of life outside found him surrounded by the old temptations of alcohol and other substances. While some people might be discouraged to see Frank […]

You’ll Never Be Alone

“Eight years ago I was a practitioner at a family relationships centre. I used to drive past a women’s prison every day on my way to work. One day while passing the prison, God said to me, ‘there is a connection there.’ I was worried and prayed, ‘no way, I don’t want to be in […]