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Gifts in Wills

Help restore lives for generations to come

Including Prison Fellowship Australia in your Will ensures that the values you hold dear, and the kindness and compassion you have shown through your life, can continue to benefit prisoners and their families for years to come.

Make sure you let us know if you have chosen to leave a bequest to Prison Fellowship Australia, as we would love to invite you to join the Chuck Colson Society, as a way of honouring and recognising your generosity.


The Chuck Colson Society

The Chuck Colson Society is for people like you, who, by including Prison Fellowship in your Will, are committed to partnering with us long into the future. Membership includes regular ministry updates, invitations to exclusive events, and a certificate and pin to recognise your commitment to sharing hope with inmates and their families.

How to include Prison Fellowship in you Will

You can easily write your will with GatheredHere for free by clicking the button below. 

Alternatively, you can contact your lawyer to include Prison Fellowship in your Will.

Please note, the correct name for any gift to the ministry is Prison Fellowship Australia (ABN 85 005 88 3161). 

The residue of the estate
A percentage of your estate
A specific gift in your Will

Learn more about The Chuck Colson Society