To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with prisoners and their families.


To care for and build relationships with those who do not know Jesus Christ, so that we can share His gospel with them, and to disciple those who know Him.


  1. We value unity
    We are united in our belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    We respect the diversity of Christian church traditions, history and culture.
    We affirm the importance of church life and of the role to be played by churches in fulfilling our vision.
  2. We value integrity
    We conduct ourselves transparently and honestly.
    We are stewards of the resources that God has provided, accountable to God, the State and each other.
  3. We value service
    We express the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ for all mankind, through service to others.
    We promote participation in our ministry by volunteers.

A History of In-Prison Gospel Work

In 1979 a group of Christian men from several Australian States arranged for the founder of Prison Fellowship, ‘Chuck’ Colson, to come to Australia for the premiere of his film, “Born Again”. While he was here, Chuck spoke to several large assemblies and some smaller groups, and out of these came the motivation to start Prison Fellowship in Australia.

A national working group was formed, and by 1981 Australia became just the third chartered member of Prison Fellowship International.  We are now a strong national organisation with a presence in every State and Territory, enjoying productive partnerships with each State-based Correctional Department and running programs both inside and outside correctional centres.

Across Australia there are over 1000 volunteer men and women visiting prisoners, running programs in prisons, organising camps and providing Christmas presents for prisoners’ children, supporting ex- prisoners when they are released, playing sports, running in-prison Bible studies, and providing many other services.

We rely on donations from individuals and churches for the majority of our financial needs and we are constantly humbled by our partnership with those who support this work.
In all we do, we seek to bring a message of hope and change for prisoners, ex-offenders and their families.