The Prisoner's Journey

The Prisoner’s Journey is an eight-session program that introduces prisoners to a fellow inmate – Jesus. Prisoners explore the Gospel of Mark and find out just how much Jesus loves them.

While the program is already reaping incredible life changes, there continues to remain a significant need. Aboriginal peoples represent 3% of Australia’s population, but make up more than 27% of Australian prison populations. To begin to address this disparity, The Prisoner’s Journey is now also available in a culturally relevant format, with beautiful, specially designed Aboriginal artwork and plain English to explain the story of Jesus. 

Mick* is an Aboriginal inmate in maximum security. He was previously a Christian, but had deserted his faith in his descent to alcohol and domestic violence. After completing The Prisoner’s Journey, Mick gave his life back to Jesus!

The new Indigenous edition of the course is well-placed to meet the needs of many more Aboriginal prisoners like Mick. The program is the culmination of 12 months’ work in partnership with Bible League and Christianity Explored, as well as Prison Fellowship International

From Dave Glasgow (Translation Team Coordinator):

“The aim of this Plain English Version of Scripture is to make it easily understood by Indigenous Australians whose mother tongue is an indigenous Australian language. In this translation, we modified the English in the direction of the features that are common to almost all Australian languages. This has affected the vocabulary, grammar and rhetorical devices that we have used. We have also followed the principles of meaning-based translation wherein we have sought to convey to the readers of this version the same meaning as the original authors conveyed to the original readers, not just in terms of the words used but also of the message contained in those words.”