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Global Capacity Initiative

Prison Fellowship Australia is a part of the largest global network of prison ministries (Prison Fellowship International) which, around the world, serves more than 800,000 prisoners. Prison Fellowship Australia itself was founded in 1981, and with local leadership and governance have grown to be the foremost prison ministry in Australia. We are proud to be one of the founding members of the Prison Fellowship Global Capacity Initiative.

Since its foundation in 1981 Prison Fellowship Australia (PFA) has developed as an accomplished and forward-thinking ministry within its global network. The Global Capacity Initiative gives PFA the opportunity to use its strength and expertise to build the capacity of newer or less-established global ministries so they may serve prisoners and their families more effectively. Basing itself around research into the most effective organisational capacity building approaches, PFA will provide peer-to-peer mentoring and support to less established international ministries around their identified development needs.

PFA has committed to providing its expertise, and a small portion of its non-allocated funds (6%) to the Global Capacity Initiative. As a Christian ministry we believe that we have a responsibility to support our neighbours, and we desire to support and grow the in-prison Gospel work of global neighbours in the Asia-Pacific region: countries such as Fiji, the Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea.

The Global Capacity Initiative will maximise our partners effectiveness in the Asia-Pacific by utilising Prison Fellowship Australia’s expertise and means – without any impact on PFA’s work at home. Please join us in prayer that God would bless our Asia-Pacific partners, as they extend God’s love to prisoners and their families.

“Many of our ministries want and need help to grow – this initiative is part of an end-to-end capacity building strategy designed to engage ministries in our Global Family, who are in the early stages of organizational development, with more seasoned mentors so they can serve prisoners and their families more effectively in the years to come.” – Andy Corley, Prison Fellowship International CEO