Imagine prisoners exploring the Gospel of Mark, learning who Jesus is, and asking whether He could really love them…. and for those who choose to, accepting an invitation to meet Him.

The Prisoner's Journey

It’s The Prisoner’s Journey. This 8-session course aims to introduce prisoners to a fellow prisoner –Jesus. This is not traditional teaching or preaching. It’s about putting the Gospel in front of inmates and giving them the chance to make up their own minds about Jesus.

No matter what they’ve done, many prisoners are hurting underneath … lonely, rejected, reviled, outcast from society. Just like Jesus was. Imagine if your whole life was one of abuse … whether it was physical, psychological, sexual … like many prisoners. Or if you’d spent your teen and adult life in a constant cycle of going in and out of jail … if you were abandoned or rejected by family members and old friends. That’s the background of many prisoners doing time.

New Testament prison ministry

Many prisoners have major inner struggles.  “I would say, ‘God, just take my life away’, because I felt hopeless. I was discarded by everybody. I felt desperate, lonely. I didn’t know what would happen with my family.”

The prisoners who said these things had no such spiritual support until they went through The Prisoner’s Journey. They study Bible passages – they talk – watch videos – discuss, and draw their own conclusions. Says one inmate: “I heard that when everything else fails, God still cares.”

So he questioned: “God do you still care? If you do, do you still love me?” Another said “What I have found here, I probably wouldn’t have found outside. I surrendered. Ever since, I’m a changed person.”

Course facilitators are trained by Prison Fellowship.  Contact your State office for more details.

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Prisoner reading Bible