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The Prisoner's Journey invites participants to meet Jesus and consider what it means to follow him.

Countries spanning the globe
Inmates graduated worldwide
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Based on the Gospel of Mark, the 8-session course ‘The Prisoner’s Journey’ invites participants to meet Jesus and understand what it means to follow him.

The Prisoner’s Journey encourages a whole-person approach to rehabilitation. It is this approach that means The Prisoner’s Journey has a particularly profound impact on inmates upon their release from prison.

For instance, inmates who participate in The Prisoner’s Journey are much less likely to re-offend than other inmates. It also increases willingness and ability to assimilate into the wider community upon release.


TPJ participants are less likely to re-offend

Proven to reduce depression, anxiety, and anger

TPJ promotes forgiveness, accountability, gratitude, and self-control

A decrease in negative behaviours such as aggression, drug use, verbal abuse, and violence

Increased motivation to change and grow

*Findings from a recent Baylor University study