The Prisoner's Journey invites participants to meet Jesus and consider what it means to follow him.

Countries spanning the globe
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Inmates graduated worldwide

Based on the Gospel of Mark, the 8-session course ‘The Prisoner’s Journey’ invites participants to meet Jesus and understand what it means to follow him.

The Prisoners Journey encourages a whole-person approach to rehabilitation. It is this approach that means The Prisoners Journey has a particularly profound impact on inmates upon their release from prison.

For instance, an inmate who participates in The Prisoner’s Journey is much less likely to reoffend than other inmates. It also increases their willingness and ability to assimilate into the wider community.


TPJ participants are less likely to re-offend

Proven to reduce depression, anxiety, and anger

TPJ promotes forgiveness, accountability, gratitude, and self-control

A decrease in negative behaviours such as aggression, drug use, verbal abuse, and violence

Increased motivation to change and grow

*Findings from a recent Baylor University study