SLAM is an effective way of bringing the Gospel to people who would not be interested in church or other traditional Christian activities. Our SLAM program sends Prison Fellowship volunteers into prisons as soccer or basketball teams to play with inmates. Through sport, volunteers build relationships and share the Gospel as opportunities arise. Volunteers can share testimonies of their own experience of God. It’s an informal and non-threatening way of sharing God’s message of love and hope.

John came along to one of our SLAM games. One of our volunteers says: “John saw something different in us with the stories we were sharing. I got talking to him more deeply and got him a Bible in his first language and sent him other Christian material as well.”

“He read everything I gave him and asked lots of questions. What does it mean to be a Christian? He asked a lot of questions about the New Testament and why people acted as they did. And he wanted to know how you become a Christian. Within 6 months, he’d read the Bible 4 times. I was leading him in how to pray. Now he wants to be baptised.”

“And John’s spiritual transformation has overflowed into other areas of his life. He’s changed the people he hangs around with in the prison system. He used to be not as calm and peaceful as he is now. His outlook has completely changed.”

It’s pretty amazing that interactions built up through sports games can have this kind of impact. If you are into sport and would like to take part in a SLAM team, contact your State office.

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