Prison Fellowship is pioneering a unique, five-fold approach to caring for children with a parent in prison – were calling it Extraordinary Lives. It’s a program that helps the children of prisoners take a step closer to faith, and cares for children in five important ways…

One-on-one Mentoring.

Extraordinary Lives provides a child a strong Christian mentor all year round – even during lockdown, who will connect with them to guide, encourage and support. Mentors help counteract negative pressures towards unhealthy relationships, drugs and alcohol.

Camp for Kids.

Through Camp for Kids, children of prisoners are given the chance to meet and learn about Jesus, as well as having an outdoor experience they might not have anywhere else. And for older children, camp is an opportunity to step up into leadership and a chance to grow deeper in their faith!

Angel Tree.

Every year we provide over 8000 Christmas gifts to children on behalf of their parent in prison. Children in the Extraordinary Lives program will also receive a gift through this wonderful program. This helps keep a relationship alive and lets a child know their parent still loves them and is thinking of them.

Educational Support.

When a parent goes to prison, often the family loses a breadwinner. This leaves families in financial hardship. How can they put food on the table let alone buy school uniforms, books and stationery… or provide access to online learning tools during lockdown?

Extraordinary Lives will help provide the educational assistance they need… including support for online learning if lockdown continues and other items once they go back to school. 

Prison Visit Support.

Extraordinary Lives helps a child visit their parent in prison, if it’s appropriate, which is often very difficult because the child may live far away. This honours the relationship between the parent and child.

Kids with a parent in prison are seven times more likely to end up in prison than their peers. Many of them believe they’re worthless. Children of prisoners are the forgotten victims of crime. It’s so important for us to step in at a young age and provide them with an alternative so they don’t become the next generation of offenders. 

Extraordinary Lives will support children beyond a camp experience – showing them the love of God through a mentor who will listen to them, walk their journey with them.

We’re excited to introduce what is sure to be an incredibly transformative program for Children of Prisoners!