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Providing help and humanity to prisoners in the first 24 hours and 24 months after release.

The first 24 hours after release can be the most difficult. “Where will I sleep? What will I eat? Will anyone help me?” These are the questions that face many inmates upon their release.

The needs of someone coming out of prison can vary significantly. Some need accommodation, some need to find sustainable employment, some need practical assistance, some need transport from the prison gate, some just need a friend.

When needed, our fully trained T24 volunteers meet released inmates at the gate and ensure they get to where they need to be.

Some inmates leave prison with nothing but the clothes on their back. Our volunteers can provide them with a ‘Welcome Back-Pack” full of necessities to help them on their way.

Australia’s recidivism rate is 45%. That means almost half the prisoners released from custody today will be back inside prison within 2 years.

For ex-offenders who want extended support, our T24 volunteers will meet regularly with them for the first 24 months after release, helping them get their life back on track and flourish in the community.


Assisting ex-prisoners in the first 24 hours after release

Ongoing mentoring and support for 24 months after release

Welcome backpacks provide basic necessities to help them on their way