Ray was one of those kids who drug pushers love to target.

They’ll come into the local high school selling marijuana. While there, they get to know who’s who among the kids. Especially the ones who are vulnerable.

They find out Ray’s parents have split up. His dad’s gone. There is no father figure. A few “friendly” conversations…. and a lonely kid like Ray feels he is in. Soon he’s pushing drugs himself. Then he gets caught and, as a minor, he starts the cycle of juvenile crime. In detention then out. In and out. Once Ray turns 18, the next time he is caught he is sent to the adult prison. He gets to know the system well… and it seems his way of life is set. In and out!

In again – but this time he finds out about Prison Fellowship’s Change on the Inside program. This Christian-based character development course runs for 6 weeks and is facilitated by trained Prison Fellowship volunteers. It is run is several States.

Change on the Inside covers themes like character, responsibility, self-control, forgiveness, faith, and wisdom.  Prisoners volunteer to enter the course, and in a group of 10-12, they explore these topics together, through teaching, discussions, role play, personal reflection, and a workbook produced by Prison Fellowship.

Taking part in Change on the Inside was a turning point in Ray’s life. He looks at life with a different mind-set and from a new perspective. It’s made him aware of the power he has over his own choices and the wisdom to know when he has to make good choices… He knows how to make those choices and now he wants to!

Do you have the background and call to train to be a Change on the Inside Facilitator? If so, contact Prison Fellowship in your State.