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Joy beyond words! Reflecting on Top End Prison Ministry 

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I have met many inmates who were utterly desperate: desperate for hope, for relationship, and for fellowship. Although many do not utter words of desperation, you can see it written on their faces. But when the Gospel is preached with love and humility, you can see the change in them; a great sense of hope for the present and the future fills their hearts as they understand the new hope they now have in Christ. 

Daniel (second from the right) with fellow volunteers Phil and Victor, and chairman for the Central team, David Berry.
My name is Daniel Tetteh and prison ministry has had a profound impact on my life both as a volunteer and now as a staff worker. I have been part of Prison Fellowship’s ministry in Darwin for a little over 2 years, and week in week out I see God present new opportunities for the gospel to reach people’s hearts and transform their lives.

I joined the team not knowing what to expect, and unsure what this ministry might bring. But since then, I have seen time and again the tremendous impact the gospel can have on people’s lives.

I have witnessed inmates filled with anxiety, with tears running down their cheeks, who now, after hearing the Gospel, have a great sense of peace and an assurance of hope beyond the here and now. Through our visits and programs, such as The Prisoner’s Journey and Change on The Inside, we have seen peace blossoming – Jesus has begun a new work in the lives of so many inmates, and they now press on in fellowship with each other with a new strength given by Christ. 

Seeing how the Gospel continues to transform lives is always a source of motivation for me and other volunteers, as we continue the work of reaching out to those behind bars. There is a joy beyond words that fills my heart after our chapel visits and our mid-week programs. This joy is why I am so passionate about encouraging more people to be part of this journey! The opportunity to reach those who are desperate for hope is endless, and we see God opening more doors for us to share the gospel and disciple as many people as possible. 

The work at hand can be tiring, as it requires time, effort, and sacrifice. But the joy at the end of each day is so rich and rewarding! So, I press on with fellow volunteers, having the privilege to bring the Good News to as many people as possible, in a place where they are so desperate for hope and peace. 

I am always inspired by the scripture in 2 Corinthians 5:20, knowing that I have this amazing privilege of being God’s mouthpiece anytime the message of Christ is preached:

“So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead, “Come back to God!” 

Daniel Tetteh, Ministry Support Worker – Darwin

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